"The whole Church taking the whole Gospel to the whole Nation - and to the World."

City & Community Ministries

The Mission America Coalition has identified “Kingdom outposts” in over 700 cities where leaders have a heart to reach their city for Christ. Over the past decade, nearly 200 of those cities have grown into “city movements” representing multiple churches, ministries and community leaders meeting together on a regular basis to impact their communities (see map below). MAC has served these leaders by helping form City Impact Roundtables (CIR) and connecting them with leaders in other cities to share information, encouragement, and the blessings that come with unity in the Body of Christ. As national Christian leaders have been praying and listening for God’s voice, it has become clear that God is blessing the work of these city leaders and that these unified city movements are His chosen pathway for renewal in America. Together, city leaders and national leaders agree that the time to act is now.

City Movements

Connecting Cities & Communities...

  • Online at www.cityreaching.com
  • Regional and National City Impact Roundtable meetings
  • Multiple monthly City Reaching conference calls featuring city strategies, sharing resources and connecting leaders
  • Monthly E-Newsletter
  • City Reaching blog websites

An Offer to Cityreachers and Community Ministries

MAC Interview with David Bryant: The Christ Institutes

More About City/Community Ministries

The Mission America Coalition City and Communities Ministries Team focuses on equipping and empowering leaders to reach their city with the Gospel.

The MAC City Reaching web site offers resources to initiate, strengthen and grow the transformational work of Jesus Christ in your community as you work toward Loving Your Community to Christ!

City and Community Ministries MISSION is:

To identify, connect, resource and empower transformational leaders who prayerfully facilitate the unity of the church for holistic evangelism, revival and spiritual awakening.
City and Community Ministries VISION includes:

Serving transformational leaders who unify the church for holistic evangelism and revival.
City and Community Ministries PASSION emphasizes:

"The whole Church taking the whole Gospel to the whole World and beyond."

To learn more about MAC City and Community Ministries, please go to www.cityreaching.com.

The City & Communities Team

Rev. Phil Miglioratti
National Facilitator for City/Community Ministries


What City Leaders Are Saying:

“Jesus said a house divided cannot stand. In other words, it takes a citywide church to win the citywide war. Thus, I believe MAC, with its focus on unity, prayer and outreach, is perfectly positioned to help rally the troops for this war.”

Francis Frangipane
Pastor, Advancing Church Ministries
Cedar Rapids, IA

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