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Letter from the National Facilitator for Strategic Initiatives

The Mission America Coalition has always been extremely judicious in the use of resources to accomplish its mission, preferring whenever possible to orchestrate the participation of Coalition partners in the work of collaborative evangelism. This helps foster unity and the creative stewardship of the many and diverse gifts in the Body of Christ.

National Mission America Coalition staff have always been referred to as “facilitators” for that very reason, and this model has resulted in the ability of the Coalition to leverage relatively small donor investments to produce exponential results in terms of Kingdom impact and lives redeemed for Christ.

“Calling God’s People Together to Love Our Communities to Christ” represents perhaps the most ambitious nationwide evangelism initiative in decades, by the largest number of both church and para-church organizations ever assembled. The Kingdom potential of what God has begun in this church-wide initiative is huge, and will necessitate an expansion of the MAC budget to levels well beyond the normal operating resources of the Coalition.

Jim OverholtWe are praying that all of God’s people will see the potential for transforming our communities by engaging the whole Church to bring the message of His love to a culture which so desperately needs it, and will join the leadership of the Church in America to invest in this initiative.

Jim Overholt
National Facilitator for Strategic Initiatives

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