"The whole Church taking the whole Gospel to the whole Nation - and to the World."

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LC2C is a universal, biblical framework within which the whole Church can experience the power of authentic unity, and work together as God's instrument of transformation in our communities.

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  • The LC2C Catalog: Downloadable resources for assessing, planning, implementing a collaborative movement
  • The LC2C Clinic: Podcast interviews with LC2C coaches and cityreachers on how to build a Lead Team, benefit from a coaching relationship, and the strategies impacting cities and communities.
  • The LC2C Coaches: Coaching is emerging as a guiding and guarding resoruce to thecity impact movement. COntact us for how your community can benefit from online and onsite coaching.

Hundreds of Christian leaders from across America, representing churches, denominations, ministry organizations, city movements and networks of all kinds, have been seeking God’s will for the Church in these troubled times. Even though they have been listening for God’s voice from many different perspectives, they have discovered— for the first time in anyone’s memory— that they have all been hearing precisely the same message! In what is now perceived by key leaders throughout the Church to be a fresh movement of His Spirit in our generation, leader after leader has confirmed that God is calling His people together for an evangelistic outreach of unprecedented proportions focused on our cities and communities.

The Mission America Coalition, representing the largest coalition of church leaders ever assembled for the express purpose of evangelism in America, convened a meeting of these leaders in November 2004 in San Diego, to consider how “the whole Church” might unite together in response to this calling, and go forward together to literally transform our communities for Christ. As a result, Mission America Coalition leaders, who over the last 15 years have represented more than 80 denominations, over 400 national ministries, dozens of ministry networks and scores of city-reachers, have agreed together on a framework for mobilizing the church in cities across America, under the mandate of “Calling God’s People Together to Love Our Communities to Christ” (LC2C).

Christian leadership in 21 cities large and small collaborated to establish a prayer-care-share lifestyle among Christ followers with a view toward impacting lost persons and influencing their community's culture. Read their stories!

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